One District One Product – ODOP


One District One Product (ODOP) initiative is aimed at fostering balanced regional development across all districts of the country. The initiative aims to select, brand, and promote at least One Product from each District (One District – One Product) of the country for enabling holistic socioeconomic growth across all regions. The ODOP Initiative has identified a total of 1102 products from 761 districts across the country.

Under the ODOP initiative, all products have been selected by States/UTs by taking into consideration the existing ecosystem on the ground, products identified under Districts as Export Hubs (DEH), and GI-tagged products. The finalized list is communicated to DPIIT by the relevant Department of States/UTs. All activities including exhibitions, capacity building, etc. are undertaken at the State/UT and district level, in consultation and coordination with the States/UTs.


Hand Knotted Carpet :

The origin of hand knotted carpets locally known as “Kal baffi” dates back to 15th century after which it progressively attained the high degree of perfection. It is said that Sultan Zain-ul-Abidin brought carpet weavers from Persia and central Asia in to Kashmir to train the local inhabitants.
Carpets from 200 knots to 900 knots/sq. inch both in wool & silk yarn have attained such excellence that they rank amongst the finest in the world. The loom used in Kashmir carpet weaving is composed of two horizontal wooden beams between which the wrap threads are stretched, one beam in front of the weaver and the second behind the first. The difference between a carpet and other hand woven rugs lies in the fact that short lengths of the thread or yarn are tied to wrap chains to form the pile of the carpet. These are commonly called knots though it is a loop rather than an actual knot.

There are different types of knots and in Kashmir the Farsi baff and the Persian system known as Sehna, or Sinneh, knot is originally used. Very simple tools are used to thread these knots, a wood or Metal comb to push knots and weft tightly together and pair of short scissors to cut the pile of the carpet to an even form once it is finished.

Hand Knotted Carpet



>Details of District Nodal Officer, Nodal Department and dedicated team for ODOP.

>List of Activities being undertaken by District Administration under ODOP initiative.

>Details of ODOP sensitization workshops being conducted for current stakeholders and next generation stakeholders.

>List of mentors registered with District to provide mentorship to beneficiaries

>Mentorship support available with clearly laid out procedures to avail the same.

>Funding support available, with clearly laid out procedures to avail the same.

>Details of rules, regulations, acts, government schemes introduced or amended to propel the ODOP Initiative in the District.

>Details of quality assurance labs/certification labs/processing units/quality infrastructure with contact details.

>Details of departments providing institutional support to beneficiaries availing support under the ODOP Initiative.