Tehsildar Verified Published Lists

Lists of Flood affected Traders published in daily Newspapers / official Website
List No Download Link
Before 4th List Before 4th List (PDF 631 Kb)
4th 4th (PDF 197 Kb)
5th 5th (PDF 187 Kb)
6th 6th (PDF 191 Kb)
7th 7th (PDF 189 Kb)
8th 8th (PDF 184 Kb)
9th 9th (PDF 202 Kb)
10th 10th (PDF 255 Kb)
11th 11th (PDF 361 Kb)
12th 12th (PDF 202 Kb)
13th 13th (PDF 201 Kb)
14th 14th (PDF 221 Kb)
15th 15th (PDF 183 Kb)
16th 16th (PDF 192 Kb)
17th 17th (PDF 185 Kb)
18th 18th (PDF 281 Kb)
19th 19th (PDF 257 Kb)
20th 20th (PDF 181 Kb)
21st 21st (PDF 200 Kb)
22nd 22nd (PDF 200 Kb)
23rd 23rd (PDF 205 Kb)
24th 24th (PDF 207 Kb)
25th 25th (PDF 296 Kb)
26th 26th (PDF 256 Kb)
27th 27th (PDF 49 Kb)
28th 28th (PDF 31 Kb)
29th 29th (PDF 30 Kb)
30th 30th (PDF 94 Kb)
31st 31st (PDF 24 Kb)
32nd 32nd (PDF 45 Kb)
33rd 33rd (PDF 25 Kb)
34th 34th (PDF 66 Kb)
35th 35th (PDF 21 Kb)
36th 36th (PDF 104 Kb)
37th 37th (PDF 21 Kb)
38th 38th (PDF 28 Kb)
39th 39th (PDF 21 Kb)
40th 40th (PDF 36 Kb)
41st 41st (PDF 38 Kb)
42nd 42nd (PDF 18 Kb)
43rd 43rd (PDF 42 Kb)
44th 44th (PDF 36 Kb)
45th 45th (PDF 70 Kb)
46th 46th (PDF 17 Kb)
47th 47th (PDF 24 Kb)
48th 48th (PDF 24 Kb)
49th 49th (PDF 66 Kb)
50th 50th (PDF 32 Kb)
51st 51st (PDF 50 Kb)
52nd 52nd (PDF 43 Kb)
53rd 53rd (PDF 186 Kb)
54th 54th (PDF 36 Kb)
55th 55th (PDF 139 Kb)
56th 56th (PDF 57 Kb)
57th 57th (PDF 140 Kb)
58th 58th (PDF 48 Kb)
59th 59th (PDF 69 Kb)
60th 60th (PDF 50 Kb)
61st 61st (PDF 138 Kb)
62nd 62nd (PDF 85 Kb)
63rd 63rd (PDF 100 Kb)
64th 64th (PDF 72 Kb)
Received from Tehsildar South List of Unpaid Traders received from Tehsildar South (PDF 288 Kb)