Places of Interest

Srinagar is one of several places that have been called the “Venice of the East” or the “Kashmiri Venice”.
Lakes around the city include Dal Lake – noted for its houseboats – and Nigeen Lake.Srinagar has some Mughal gardens, forming a part of those laid by the Mughal emperors across the Indian subcontinent. Those of Srinagar and its close vicinity include:

  • Chashma Shahi
  • Badamwari
  • Nigeen Lake
  • Dal Lake
  • Hariparbat Fort
  • Dachigam National Park
  • Harwan
  • Tulip Garden
  • Botanical Garden
  • Pari Mahal
  • Nishat Garden
  • Shalimar Garden

The Sher Garhi Palace houses administrative buildings from the J&K government. Another palace of the Maharajas, the Gulab Bhavan, has now become the Lalit Grand Palace hotel. The Shankaracharya Temple on the hill top in the middle of the city, is important Hindu temple in the city.

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