Dachigam National Park


Dachigam National Park is located 22 km (kilometer) from Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir. It covers an area of 141 sq km (square kilometer). The name literally stands for ‘ten villages’, which could be in memory of the ten villages that were relocated in order to create the park.

Dachigam was initially established to ensure the supply of clean drinking water to Srinagar city. A protected area since 1910, it was declared as a national park in 1981. The park is best known as the home of the hangul, or Kashmir stag. Dachigam is open throughout the year, but the best time to visit is between April and August. The closest airport is at Srinagar. Habitat to Kashmir Stag : Only area where Kashmir stag is found.

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    Hangul: Kashmiri Stag
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How to Reach :

By Air

40 Kms from Sheikh ul Alam International Airport Srinagar

By Train

32 Kms from Srinagar Railway Station

By Road

22 Kms from Lalchowk Srinagar